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October 5th, 2022
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Apple will have to change the charger for its iPhones in the European Union from autumn 2024 to comply with new rules introducing a single charging port for most electronic devices.

Samsung Electronics is set to be the world's first company to start mass producing 1.4nm chips by 2027.


The Printed Circuit Engineering Association announced Michael Creeden as recipient of the first PCEA Leadership Award, for his lifetime service in the pursuit of educating and training PCB design engineers.

The Printed Circuit Engineering Association announced Scott McCurdy as recipient of the first PCEA Membership Award.

The White House unveiled a new AI bill of rights. It's the first big step to hold AI to account.

Altair announced the launch of its broad digital twin solution that features the market’s most connected, cross-functional capabilities that can be deployed through any and every stage of a product lifecycle.

Impedance vs. resistance: Which is most important for PCB layout?.

WPI Vision debuts 3D Spectascope digital microscope.

Registrants for the PCB West exhibition today will gain access to nine free technical sessions.

CalcuQuote rolls out WatchCQ parts alert software.

CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY is accepting entries for its 2023 New Product Introduction Awards for electronics assembly equipment, materials and software suppliers.

Jove Enterprises cofounder Wang Lu discusses the printed circuit fabricator's technical strengths and markets, and reasons for branding out to Thailand, with PCEA president Mike Buetow on the PCB Chat podcast.

The Printed Circuit Engineering Association (PCEA) seeks abstracts for the upcoming PCB East technical conference, coming to the Boston suburbs next spring.

Voltera’s new circuit board printer, Nova, will greatly increase the speed of innovation in flexible electronics — engineers can print new boards in minutes, test them, make changes and repeat.

ESD: As Old as the Hills and Still Something to Consider
our eyes can only work with visible light that comes in wavelengths between 380 and 700nm. The geometry of early microcontrollers and microprocessors wasn’t even measured in nanometers, as we see on today’s devices. “Deep sub-micron” only hinted at what was to come. Generation after generation, the tiny features have always required protection. Electrostatic discharge is the same threat today.

John Burkhert Jr.



China is on course to elude US chip-making equipment bans.

Worldwide shipments of foldable phones, including flip and fold form factors, to reach 13.5 million units in 2022m an increase of 67% over 2021, IDC said.

Foxconn said September revenue totaled NT$822.3 billion ($25.9 billion), up 40.4% year-on-year and 83% higher than August, a monthly sales record for the company.

Singapore’s purchasing managers' index, an early indicator of manufacturing activity, decreased 0.1 point from the previous month to 49.9 in September.

Foxconn said on Tuesday it was "cautiously optimistic" about its fourth-quarter revenue outlook after reporting record-breaking September sales.

A Reliance Industries subsidiary and Sanmina have completed the deal to set up an electronics manufacturing joint venture at a total enterprise valuation of about Rs 3,300 crore.

The merger of GPV and Enics is complete.

DZS has entered into a partnership agreement with Fabrinet to strategically shift to a contract manufacturing model.

Hanza named Tom Dahlén group sales director.

Neways appointed Hans Büthker chief executive officer.


Fit to Print
Sometimes I find myself walking around the shop floor asking, “Why do we have all this very expensive equipment? There must be a simpler, cheaper way to make a printed circuit board!” And yet, despite phenomenal technological strides, our industry still uses the same basic manufacturing processes since the earliest days of circuit board production: drill – image – plate – press – repeat – then route.





Why I4.0 and Reshoring Go Hand in Hand

Controlling Electromagnetic Emissions from PCB Edges in Backplanes
Signal Integrity Journal

Impact of Gold Thickness on Interfacial Evolution and Subsequent Embrittlement of Tin–Lead Solder Joints
Journal of Electronic Materials


Oct. 4-7: PCB West 2022, Santa Clara, CA
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