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October 28th, 2021
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Annual investment from Taiwan to China has been declining every year since its peak in 2010. Driving it out are higher labor costs, stricter environmental requirements, fierce local competition, the need to avoid US tariffs on goods made in China and Washington’s demand to “decouple” its economy from China.

Samsung’s de facto leader Lee Jae-yong could visit the US next month to finalize a deal for where to locate the company’s previously announced $17 billion chip fab.


What if by leveraging today's AI to predict events several days in advance, countries like the United States could simply avoid warfare in the first place?

Component lead time dimensions in red have risen 55% quarter-over-quarter after doubling in the third quarter, and 66% of all pricing dimensions are poised to increase, says the latest Supplyframe forecast data.

SCS delivers PrecisionCoat VI conformal coater.

Printed circuit design engineers can benefit from the PCE-EDU Printed Circuit Engineering Professional curriculum, a new weeklong program on printed circuit engineering layout based on current technology trends.

Matthew Dyson, Ph.D., a senior technology analyst at IDTechEx specializing in printed, organic and flexible electronics, discusses the future of electrically conductive adhesives, including in-mold and flexible electronics and their potential applications, on the PCB Chat podcast.

Seica debuts Pilot VX flying probe tester.

Weller introduces MG100s fume extraction unit.

Murata rolls out LQW43FT 1812 broadband inductors.

Tin Whiskers 101: What Are They?
Tin whiskers are very fine filaments or whiskers of tin that form out of the surface of the tin. They are the result of stress release in the tin. Tin whiskers are a phenomenon that is surprising when first encountered, as their formation just doesn’t seem intuitive.

Ron Lasky



Cadence reported third quarter System Design and Analysis revenue of $82.6 million, 11% of total revenue, up 12.6% year-over-year.

Naprotek has completed its acquisition of SemiGen, a privately held maker of RF/microwave components.

Hanza Holding has acquired Helmut Beyers, an electronics manufacturer in Mönchengladbach, Germany, with approximately 150 employees.

The US FCC voted Tuesday to boot China Telecom Americas off of US networks, finding that the service provider could not quell concerns that it's beholden to surveillance from China.

Celestica announced third quarter revenue fell 5% year-over-year to $1.47 billion, due to a drop in demand from Cisco.

PIE, an associate business unit of Foxconn, says revenue could rise 30% in 2022 on the back of demand for PCBs for its new electric vehicle plant in Thailand.

The market for wearable technology products has doubled in annual revenue since 2015 to nearly $80 billion in 2020. However, with momentum, product trends, and focuses shifting all the time, it is important to stay ahead of the competition and consider the trends that will drive the sector over the coming years and decades.

Omron is investing in Techman Robot, a manufacturer of collaborative robots in Taiwan and a subsidiary of Quanta Computer.

AT&S India won the 46th ELCINA awards for Excellence in PCB Manufacturing & Exports, as well as for Quality.

Logitech reported a steep fall in operating profit and said it was facing "unprecedented" supply chain problems.

CalcuQuote and Cetec partnered to build two-way API integrations between RFQ and ERP applications.

3rd Stone Design selected Pride Industries to deliver a life-saving medical device for infants in developing countries.

National Circuit Assembly formed a strategic partnership with RSAE Labs to deliver cyber-secure IOT technology to improve management and production efficiency.

KIC promoted Gerardo Gallegos to service manager for the Americas and Europe.

Food-Processing Methodologies Offer Ideas to Chew On
Some industries have specialized end-market requirements. For example, corporate headquarters in fast food and fast casual restaurants dictate menu items and the equipment needed to support those items by region. Franchisees have choices in equipment configuration and a timeframe in which they need to buy it from a designated food processing original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Jim Barnes



Volthub: Connecting the Supply Chain

Hybrid Printing of Wearable Piezoelectric Sensors
Nano Energy

The Dissimilar Self-Alignment Characteristics of Smaller Passive Components in the Length and Width Directions
Journal of Surface Mount Technology


Nov. 1-4: SMTA International 2021, Minneapolis
Nov. 16-19: Productronica, Munich
Dec. 7-9: Semicon West, San Francisco/Virtual
Dec. 8-10: HKPCA Show, Shenzhen
Jan. 25-27: IPC Apex Expo 2022, San Diego
Jan. 31-Feb. 3: Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium, Honolulu
Feb. 15-17: Wafer-Level Packaging Symposium, San Jose
Apr. 11-13: PCB East 2022, Marlborough, MA
June 6-9: Zuken Innovation World, San Antonio


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             Aug. Trend
Semi equip. billings 37.6% Down
ICs 29.7% Up
PCBs 1.48 Up
Computers/elec. products 5.27 Flat

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