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June 23rd, 2021
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Is Google getting into the AOI game? Engineers from Foxconn subsidiary FIH Mobile are achieving "considerable product improvements" through a collaboration with the search giant.


Engineers at CU Boulder have taken a major step forward in combing advanced computer simulations with artificial intelligence to try to predict how electronics, like the transistors in your cell phone, will fail.

The latest book in a series on diagnosing and troubleshooting EMC emissions written by a veteran of the electronics design industry is now available.

PCD&F is undertaking its annual salary survey of printed circuit board designers, design engineers and other layout specialists./p>

IMI Inc. CEO and president Peter Bigelow discusses the fabricator’s golden anniversary, its focus on niche PTFE boards, and how manufacturing in the US might attract new talent for future prosperity, on the latest edition of PCB Chat.

A new three-hour webinar will identify and explain the operational parameters of an x-ray inspection system that affect the image quality, available magnification, and image views they can achieve.

Lee Ritchey and Rick Hartley headline a stellar list of technical experts presenting at PCB West this fall, UP Media Group announced.

Life is Drama, But Work Doesn’t Have to Be
For many years, colleagues from virtually every industry imaginable have agreed their Number One need, desire, concern and frustration is finding good people to hire. Regardless of job level or education experience, hiring qualified people is possibly the biggest challenge industry faces globally.

Peter Bigelow



An electronics plant owned by ATA Industrial is reportedly under investigation for allegedly subjecting workers to excessive overtime demands.

It may be next year before the US defense electronics supply chain recovers completely from the Covid-19 pandemic.

LG Electronics is reportedly planning to file lawsuits against companies that try to use its mobile technologies without legal permission to do so. It was said that another reason for this move is to find new sources of income after shutting down its smartphone business for good.

Intel said on Tuesday it would create two new business units that would focus separately on software and high-performance computing and graphics.

American electronics firms are looking to set up shops in the Philippines as they seek alternative location in Asia, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said.

Trackwise Designs reported full year revenues rose 109% year-over-year to £6.07 million ($8.45 million), but the adjusted operating loss fell to £190,000 verus a profit of £260,000.

Europlacer has expanded its reseller relationship for Aegis Software’s FactoryLogix Digital Manufacturing Engineering software module to include China.

Kyzen installed an Austin American Technology Mega Ion SA cleaner.

Circuit Technology Center has ordered two additional RPS/Hentec Odyssey 1325 robotic hot solder dip machines.

BGA Rules for Rigid-Flex PCBs
It seems every new design has at least one BGA component on the board. The 1.0mm pitch BGA has become vanilla. Even the 0.8mm pitch BGA is commonplace. These components are not limited to rigid PCBs; BGAs of all shapes and sizes are implemented in flex and rigid-flex designs as well.

Nick Koop



Pioneering Chemistry Approach Could Lead to More Robust Soft Electronics

3D Printing Tiny Parts for Big Impact
MIT News

Stanford’s Breakthrough New Manufacturing Technique for Ultrathin, Flexible Electronics
SciTech Daily


Aug. 4-5: Zuken Innovation World, Online
Aug. 16-18: DesignCon, San Jose, CA
Sept. 9: Getting the Best from Your X-Ray Inspection System, Online
Oct. 5-8: PCB West, Santa Clara, CA
Nov. 1-4: SMTA International 2021, Minneapolis, MN
Nov. 16-19: Productronica, Munich
Jan. 25-27: IPC Apex Expo 2022, San Diego, CA


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           6/16/21 Trend
Sn $15.06 Up
Pb $0.99 Up
Ag $445.44 Up
Cu $4.58 Up
             Apr. Trend
Semi equip. billings 49.5% Up
ICs 21.7% Up
PCBs 1.16 Down
Computers/elec. products 5.16 Down

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