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September 22nd, 2020
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Job satisfaction jumps for US engineers while salary growth slows.

The European Commission on Friday urged the 27-country bloc to work together to speed up the rollout of fiber and 5G networks to boost the region’s virus-hit economy and secure its technology autonomy.

UP Media Group announced more than one-fourth of attendees of PCB West Virtual 2020 came from outside the United States.

Zoox on Friday received a permit from California state authorities to test its self-driving vehicles without an in-car backup driver, marking a win for Amazon, which acquired the startup in June.

Have a new product to brag about? Register for CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY’s New Product Introduction Awards 2021.

UP Media Group seeks abstracts for PCB West 2021, to be held Aug. 31 to Sept. 3, 2021, in Santa Clara, CA.

Will OSP Spec Finally Be Finished?
Organic solderability preservatives, or, if you prefer, organic surface protectants, or OSPs, have been with us for decades. Did you know more than 60% of the world’s boards use OSPs? They are in everything from smartphones to tablets to medical devices, airbags, and engine controls.

Mike Buetow



A World Economic Forum briefing note presents insights from a series of dialogues, a survey and interviews on the challenges in reverse supply chains for electronics.

With system vendors and contract manufacturers relocating part of their production to India, Taiwan-based IC distributors are encouraged to step up their deployments in the region, according to industry sources.

Peter Navarro, the US’s top trade advisor, expressed confidence that the Foxconn facility in Mount Pleasant, WI, will come to completion with "a more resilient business model."

Raytheon plans to eliminate more than 15,000 jobs this year at its corporate offices, Pratt & Whitney and Collins Aerospace amid the downturn in the airline industry.

Note expects a continued positive earnings trend, with operating margin for the third quarter estimated to amount to approximately 8%, a significant increase in margins compared with last year.

A World Trade Organization panel ruled that Trump administration tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods are illegal, vindicating Beijing even if the US has all but incapacitated the WTO’s ability to hand down a final, binding verdict.

TT Electronics agreed to buy Torotel for $43.4 million in cash.

Tesla reportedly has added Pegatron as a supplier of components for the central control system of its Model 3.

NI named Digi-Key to distribute its software-connected test and measurement products.

AQS purchased a Nordson Select Novo 103 selective soldering platform.

National Circuit Assembly installed a Parmi HS60L 3-D SPI.

Z-Axis expanded its production capacity for custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses.

ChargePoint named Michael Mucish product quality engineer.

Z-Axis named Crystal Brownell sales specialist.

Let’s Talk: The New Reality of Keeping in Touch
Maintaining effective, open, timely communication can be one of the biggest challenges facing employees at every level. The executive team sets the vision, strategy and tactical goals. Managers and supervisors are tasked with communicating and converting that message into understandable, reasonable, attainable and ultimately successful initiatives and efforts.

Peter Bigelow



From the pages of
When Does a Net Need High-Speed Management?
How to determine the critical length of a signal.
by Charles Pfeil

From the pages of
SMTAI Women’s Leadership Program Shows ‘Drive’
Annual career development program features talks on automotive safety systems and quality.
by Priyanka Dobriyal


Sept. 28-30: SMTA International 2020, Online
Oct. 13-14: International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference, Online
Oct. 23-26: TPCA Show 2020, Taipei, Taiwan
Mar. 6-11: IPC Apex Expo 2021, San Diego
Apr. 13-15: DesignCon, San Jose, CA


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           9/21/20 Trend
Sn $8.24 Up
Pb $0.86 Flat
Ag $395.15 Up
Cu $3.07 Down
             July Trend
Semi equip. billings 27.6% Up
ICs 4.92% Down
PCBs 1.00 Down
Computers/elec. products 5.28 Down

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