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July 1st, 2022
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In May, UK Met Office researchers revealed there is a near fifty-fifty chance that Earth’s temperatures will go 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels in the coming five years. This finding reiterates the urgent need to reduce our waste and emissions and achieve carbon neutrality. The clock is ticking fast, says the CEO of EMS Season Group.

We're training AI twice as fast this year as last year.


A new EU law will set rules for what AI can and can't do for people.

Electronic skin lets humans feel what robots do — and vice versa.

Atotech offers the Digital Factory Suite.

iNEMI will hold a call-for-participation webinar for their unified equipment interaction management project July 7 and 8.

Mike Konrad spoke with Aim Solder's Jen Fijalkowski about solder paste best practices on the latest Reliability Matters podcast.

Dr. Kirsch Mackey and Dr. James Lee discuss the Rochester Institute of Technology's first PCB design course on the latest episode of PCB Chat.

The PCEA Conferences Task Group announced the technical program for PCB West 2022, featuring nearly 50 presentations and more than 110 hours of in-depth electronics engineering training.

PCD&F is undertaking its annual salary survey of printed circuit board designers, design engineers and other layout specialists.

Training Begets Retaining
Foxconn was in the news (again) last month, this time for alleging competitors are poaching its employees. The complaints were levied specifically at rivals in Vietnam, where the world’s largest ODM/EMS is expanding its factories as major customers like Apple shift production away from China, in part to avoid being a pawn in the geopolitical tug-of-war between the US and China.

Mike Buetow



Samsung Electronics said it has kicked off mass production of 3nm chips ahead of TSMC.

After a run of two years of overall positive sales sentiment and expectation for electronic components, ECIA’s June trend survey dropped below 100 to 97.5, indicating negative sales growth.

Eltek resumed deliveries to its customers after a fire in one of the production rooms at its plant in Petach-Tikva, Israel.

Unimicron is planning a capital investment of $20 million in Mainland China for printed circuit board production.

How realistic are China's semiconductor ambitions?

Worldwide PC shipments are on pace to decline 9.5% in 2022. The PC market is expected to experience the steepest decline of all device segments this year, according to Gartner.

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are facing historically high inventory levels as demand for electronic devices weakens and the world finds itself awash in everything from smartphones to appliances.

Huawei plans to launch its foldable Mate X3 phones in early 2023.

Total microprocessor sales are expected to maintain double-digit percentage growth in 2022, rising nearly 12% to a record-high $114.8 billion, thanks to higher average selling prices.

Firstronic’s CEO John Sammut and COO Jochen Lipp were named Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 in Michigan and Northwest Ohio by Ernst & Young.

Pro-Active Engineering chose Pillarhouse International as their selective soldering process equipment provider and purchased an Orissa Fusion.

Innovative Technology: Enabling or Disruptive?
More often than not over the past couple of decades, new technologies, processes and options we fabricators have been asked, begged or threatened to add to our repertoire of offerings were ones that could be best considered disruptive. What’s disruptive to a manufacturer may seem benign to the casual eye, as often the technology – or process – that is most disruptive is a simple one.

Peter Bigelow



A Royal Summit

Dual‐Mode Organic Electrochemical Transistors Based on Self‐Doped Conjugated Polyelectrolytes for Reconfigurable Electronics
Advanced Materials

New Polymer Materials Make Fabricating Optical Interconnects Easier
Optical Materials Express


July 11-14: Semicon West, San Francisco, CA
July 19-21: EMAX 2022, Penang, Malaysia
July 19-21: PMAX 2022, Penang, Malaysia
Oct. 4-7: PCB West 2022, Santa Clara, CA
Oct. 31 - Nov. 3: SMTA International 2022, Minneapolis, MN
Jan. 24-26: IPC Apex Expo 2023, San Diego, CA
May 9-11: PCB East 2023, Boxborough, MA


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             Apr. Trend
EMS 1.36 Down
ICs 21.1% Up
PCBs 1.03 Down
Computers/elec. products 6.39 Down

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