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December 2nd, 2021
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The technological benefits that the 3-D stacking of integrated circuits brings have the potential to ease the current chip shortage concerns, according to Cadence. As demand for faster processors continues to rise worldwide, the 3-D architecture looks all set to replace conventional chip designs.

Auto industry executives expect electric vehicles will make up just over half of new vehicle sales in the US and China by 2030, and could do so without receiving government subsidies, according to a new survey by accounting and consulting firm KPMG.


The Air Force Research Laboratory recently tasked NextFlex with finding ways to attract students who might not otherwise consider a technical or scientific career path.

Printed circuit design engineers can benefit from the PCE-EDU Printed Circuit Engineering Professional curriculum, a new weeklong program on printed circuit engineering layout based on current technology trends, taking place in January, February and March.

UP Media Group issued a call for abstracts for PCB West 2022, taking place next October in the Silicon Valley.

CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY has reopened registration for its annual Service Excellence Awards (SEAs) for EMS providers and electronics assembly equipment, material, service, and software suppliers. The 2022 program returns to its original format after a focus group of past participants emphasized the value of the feedback they receive from their customers.

Some industry insiders believe PLM will expand into electronics and semiconductor design fields in addition to traditional manufacturing industries like automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, construction equipment, etc.

Miles Moreau, KIC’s general manager, discusses how to profile a reflow oven and a wave soldering machine, on the latest Reliability Matters podcast.

Apple is still working on a multi-device wireless charger that would fulfill the promise of the company's long-canceled AirPower charging mat, sources say.

Wisconsin Oven delivers small batch oven.

As the Chair Turns
Twenty-one years. That’s how long I’ve sat in this chair as an editor for this publication. That’s 21 years of writing editorials. Never missed an issue. Many times, I’ve written them on planes, heading to or from someplace afar. (I may work from home, but traveling from Boston to China, as I have done many, many times, still means ample commuting time.)

Mike Buetow



The United States won’t meet the Biden administration’s goal of widespread electric-vehicle adoption without urgent investment in domestic semiconductor manufacturing, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said.

The communications and electronics sector spent 15% more on federal lobbying during the third quarter than the same period last year, bringing its 2021 total to $362 million. It was the largest lobbying spending increase experienced by any sector this quarter.

Aurelius Technologies (ATech) expects to raise RM105 million ($18 million) from an initial public offering on the Malaysia exchange to fund expansion of its EMS business.

SVI Public Co. finalized its acquisition of a 100% stake of Tohuku Pioneer (Thailand) Co. for an undisclosed sum on Nov. 30.

Foxconn Interconnect Technology has invested $10 million in Autotalks, an Israel-based V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communication solutions provider.

Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board announced it is acquiring Symtek Automation Asia for NT$502.3 million (US$18 million).

TRS Capital has acquired a majority stake in Alta Electronics, a supplier of interconnect products headquartered in Canada.

The power electronics market will reach $26 billion by 2026, Yole analysts say.

Notebook ODMs reportedly are mulling plans to set up assembly lines in Europe to further diversify production bases and better serve clients in the region, according to industry sources.

Hyundai and Kia have selected Siemens as strategic partner for engineering and product data management through NX software and the Teamcenter portfolio.

LeeMAH Electronics installed a Juki G-Titan screen printer.

LeeMAH Electronics has made the ThermalTronics TMT-9000s the standard soldering iron at its Dallas, TX, facility.

Key Tronic expects to begin manufacturing in 2022 for one of the world’s leading power equipment companies.

Microsoft named Ian Jackson PCB layout team manager.

Planning is Always Challenging. This Year It May Be Worse.
One of those rituals that takes place around this time is developing the business plan and related budgets for the new year. Deciphering the crystal ball, discerning optimism from reality in the sales forecast, determining budget capital investments and human resource needs, and so on, is always a complex task. The very unusual pandemic/post-pandemic world we are now in makes it even more so.

Peter Bigelow



Radio Waves are All the Rage

Influence of Pad Surface Finish on the Microstructure Evolution and Intermetallic Compound Growth in Homogeneous Sn-Bi and Sn-Bi-Ag Solder Interconnects
Journal of Electronic Materials (b)

6 nm Super-Resolution Optical Transmission and Scattering Spectroscopic Imaging of Carbon Nanotubes Using a Nanometer-Scale White Light Source
Nature Communications


Dec. 7-9: Semicon West, San Francisco/Virtual
Dec. 8-10: HKPCA Show, Shenzhen
Jan. 10-14: PCE-EDU Printed Circuit Engineering Professional, Online, San Diego
Jan. 25-27: IPC Apex Expo 2022
Jan. 31-Feb. 3: Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium, Honolulu
Feb. 15-17: Wafer-Level Packaging Symposium, San Jose
Apr. 11-13: PCB East 2022, Marlborough, MA
June 6-9: Zuken Innovation World, San Antonio


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             Sept. Trend
Semi equip. billings 35.5% Down
ICs 27.6% Down
PCBs 1.25 Down
Computers/elec. products 5.26 Flat

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