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October 26th, 2020
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Today you can buy a smartphone with a foldable display. Tomorrow you may wear a screen that can stretch.

Nippon Mektron develops Modified-PI flex printed circuit.

VisiConsult launches High-precision CT system.

PCB East returns to Boston for 2021 for the first time since 2009. The three-day technical conference takes place May 10-12, and a one-day exhibition is on May 11.

Rick Hartley will present a two-hour webinar on RF and mixed signal PCB layout on Nov. 18.

UP Media Group seeks abstracts for PCB West 2021, to be held Aug. 31 to Sept. 3, 2021, in Santa Clara, CA.

iNEMI will host a webinar detailing the Semiconductor Technologies of its annual Roadmap on Nov. 5.

Mirmex Motor has developed a new method of manufacturing high-power density electric micromotor windings. The process uses flexible printed circuits, which are 70% more responsive with a third of the heat loss and 10 times faster to produce.

Have a new product to brag about? Register for CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY’s New Product Introduction Awards 2021.

Product Development and the 7 Wastes
Decisions made in product design can impact assembly cost, defect opportunities and inventory cost. While design for manufacturability (DfM) analysis can eliminate many issues, less commonly analyzed decisions related to cost targets, scheduling and work team assignments can have unintended consequences that generate unacceptable levels of waste.

Jerry Johnson



Taiwan’s PCB makers expect to see production value grow 1.5% year-over-year this year on rising demand for 5G applications, and remote work and learning, the TPCA said.

The notebook market next year may not be as strong as in 2020, but Acer remains optimistic, expecting a wave of replacement demand in the consumer sector in 2021.

Italy prevented telecom group Fastweb from signing a deal for Huawei to supply equipment for its 5G core network, three sources close to the matter said.

Illinois Tool Works reported third quarter test & measurement and electronics revenue of $489 million, down 4.5% year-over-year.

QThree Ventures, which has recently partnered with Thailand-based electronics manufacturer Treeview to introduce TVs in India, is looking to bundle sound products and introduce accessories that are used along with TVs by early 2021.

White House officials contend Foxconn’s delayed Wisconsin project is because of the coronavirus pandemic.

North America-based semiconductor equipment manufacturers posted $2.75 billion in billings worldwide in September, up 40.3% year-over-year and 3.6% sequentially, according to SEMI.

After being defunct for six years, the erstwhile Nokia factory in Sriperumbudur, India, came to life on Friday with Finnish electronics manufacturer Salcomp launching commercial operations from the plant.

Cicor has expanded production capacity at its Wangs (Switzerland) fabrication site.

Gerber Labs, an Orange County-based engineering startup, is rolling out a platform that makes custom PCBs accessible to electrical engineering students, hobbyists and small businesses.

The Redfern Companies will acquire Automated Chemical Solutions, a provider of specialty chemicals for PCBs.

Intellitronix installed a Europlacer iineo+ pick-and-place machine.

Cogiscan named AES to handle sales and service throughout Vietnam.

Longtime ECAD veteran Julian Coates has passed away.

PCB Delamination Root Causes
PCB delamination can be subtle or obvious. It is caused by expansion of moisture in the PCB laminate, but that may not be the root cause. Eliminating moisture often prevents the energy buildup that forces apart different layers, but this is not the complete story.

Bob Willis



From the pages of
Advanced Packages and New 5G Technologies Will Drive Portable Products
SLPs with lines and spaces <35µm are ahead.
by Urmi Ray

From the pages of
State-of-the-Art Technology Flashes
Updates in silicon and electronics technology.
by Gary Miller


Dec. 2-4: International Electronics Circuit Exhibition, Shenzhen, China
Mar. 6-11: IPC Apex Expo 2021, San Diego
Apr. 13-15: DesignCon, San Jose, CA
May 10-12: PCB East 2021, Marlborough, MA
Aug. 31-Sept. 3: PCB West 2021, Santa Clara, CA


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           10/19/20 Trend
Sn $8.30 Up
Pb $0.81 Up
Ag $358.37 Up
Cu $3.06 Up
             Aug. Trend
Semi equip. billings 32.5% Up
ICs 4.94% Up
PCBs 0.94 Down
Computers/elec. products 5.25 Down

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