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May 13th, 2021
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Recovering precious elements from e-waste is a security imperative for Europe that should be written into law, according to a report Monday that said it was "crucial" to ensure industry competitiveness and sustain tech-dependent lifestyles in the region.

Mycronic signed an agreement to purchase Cohu’s printed circuit board test group for $125 million.


Some of the world's biggest chip buyers, including Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet Google, have joined chipmakers such as Intel to create a new lobbying group to press for government chip manufacturing subsidies.

In 2011, Jeff Bezos dreamt up a talking device. But making the virtual assistant sound intelligent proved far more difficult than anyone could have imagined.

Georgia Institute of Technology has been awarded funding to lead a new Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers Program (IUCRC) in integrated photonics, a key enabling technology in many commercial, defense, and scientific applications such as fiber communications, datacenters, RF analog links, quantum computing, and communications and sensing.

MIRTEC officially received IPC-2591 (CFX) Certification for its MV-6 Omni 3D AOI and MS-11e 3D SPI.

David Bernard discusses why some "x-ray is better than none" on the PCB Chat podcast.

Dymax introduces 9906-AA light and/or heat-curable cationic epoxy.

A new three-hour webinar will identify and explain the operational parameters of an x-ray inspection system that affect the image quality, available magnification, and image views they can achieve.

LPKF offers ProtoPrint S4 manual stencil printer.

Vitech rolls out Genesys 2021 model-based systems engineering development platform.

Branding Citizenship
Consumer pressure on corporate behavior is cyclical and typically short-lived. Consider “dieselgate.” Volkswagen for years rigged the emissions testing on certain vehicles to appear to meet state and national standards. Confronted with the discrepancies, VW management lied in what would be a futile attempt to cover up its wrongdoings.

Mike Buetow



The Covid-19 pandemic in India has raised alarms as handset and PC suppliers have seen orders slowing and Taiwanese IC design houses are bracing for disappointing sales in the second quarter.

IEC Electronics opened its state-of-the-art 150,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility at the Silver Hill Technology Park in Newark, NJ, and gave an update on another plant in Rochester, NY.

A new two-hour webinar can help printed circuit board buyers save up to 25%.

HP signed an agreement to sell Foxconn its laser printer manufacturing subsidiary in China, according to reports.

Production of the Apple iPhone 12 at a Foxconn factory in India has slumped by more than 50% because workers infected with Covid-19 have had to leave their posts.

Apple on Monday announced an award of $45 million from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund to Corning to expand glass manufacturing capacity in the US and drive research and development into new technologies.

Taiwan's exports of electronics products surged in the first quarter, rising 24.5% year-over-year in March.

Chicony Electronics, a maker of keyboard and compact camera modules, has begun production at a new plant in Thailand, with capacity to increase from 60% of the designed level currently to 100% by year-end 2021.

ViTrox’s first quarter revenue and core profit rose 44% and 46% year-over-year, respectively, resulting in the company recording its highest ever first-quarter sales.

Eurocircuits will invest €7 million in its printed circuit board factories in Germany and Hungary as it celebrates its 30th anniversary this month.

Lenthor Engineering purchased an ESI Geode CO2 microvia drilling system.

The projected recovery of the electronics industry, the single largest export of the Philippines, is at risk due as production capacity has been affected due to shortage of semiconductor wafers, according to the Semiconductor and Electronics Industries in the Philippines Foundation Inc. (SEIPI).

Enics confirmed plans to transfer manufacturing from its electronics manufacturing plant in Switzerland to other factories in Europe, a move that will affect up to 110 workers.

Viscom reported first quarter revenue was €15.7 million (US$19.1 million), flat year-over-year.

Rehm Thermal Systems named as distributors Accelonix in the United Kingdom and Ireland and Ankatek in Turkey.

Sunrise Electronics installed an ATG A7 flying probe tester.

Tekmar Control Systems installed an Austin American Technology X-30 stencil cleaner.

PVA promoted Jaime Erickson to director of operations.

Insulectro promoted Michelle Walsh to vice president of product management.

3 Reasons PCB Buyers Pay Too Much
As the price of PCB materials continues to skyrocket, why are some circuit board buyers stuck firmly in the past, doing business as they always have? Why, even when paying more than they should, do they fear upsetting the apple cart?

Greg Papandrew



Enabling High-Performance RF Devices with Photosensitive Glass Ceramics

Highly Tunable Junctions and Non-Local Josephson Effect in Magic-Angle Graphene Tunnelling Devices
Nature Nanotechnology

An Investigation on Function of Current Type on Solder Joint Degradation in Electronic Packages
Soldering & Surface Mount Technology


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Aug. 16-18: DesignCon, San Jose, CA
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           5/3/21 Trend
Sn $14.02 Up
Pb $0.94 Up
Ag $380.53 Up
Cu $4.54 Up
             Mar. Trend
Semi equip. billings 47.9% Up
ICs 17.8% Up
PCBs 1.22 Down
Computers/elec. products 5.08 Down

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