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April 20th, 2021
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What could happen once the current rush to supercharge semiconductor production outstrips the surge in demand?

What the US can do to ensure its manufacturing base remains competitive. A new McKinsey Global Institute discussion paper weighs the issues.


A new three-hour webinar will identify and explain the operational parameters of an x-ray inspection system that affect the image quality, available magnification, and image views they can achieve.

NASA has awarded billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk's private space company SpaceX a $2.9 billion contract to build a spacecraft to bring astronauts to the moon as early as 2024, picking it over Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin and defense contractor Dynetics Inc.

Active EMI filtering (AEF) technology, a relatively new approach to EMI filtering, attenuates EMI and enables engineers to achieve a significant reduction in passive filter size and cost, along with improved EMI performance.

Eloprint has begun producing jigs for testing PCBs using mostly 3-D printing.

Registration is open for the PCB East 2021 trade show taking place in the Boston area in mid-June.

Selecting the CPU for a home-built PC.

In Defense of Diversity
Munitions are cool again. Well, maybe they always were. But the emphasis by North American manufacturers on procuring defense contracts has perhaps never been greater.

Mike Buetow



Katek, the second-largest German electronics manufacturing services provider, is preparing an initial public offering on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the second quarter of this year. The company expects proceeds of approximately €80 million, which will primarily be used for organic growth and acquisitions.

Pegatron has chosen a site in El Paso, Texas, to build a plant that will provide components for Tesla Inc., the Taiwanese newspaper Commercial Times reported on Wednesday.

The automotive chip shortage is a structural problem where cars need more electronic components, intensifying competition between carmakers and IT firms for foundry support.

A new webinar will teach PCB buyers how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of both offshore and domestic manufacturing sources. We also show them how to leverage buying power to get the best prices, and how to expertly navigate sourcing issues based on order size and technology type.

The solder materials market is projected to reach $2.255 billion by 2030, a CAGR of 4% from 2020 to 2030.

Apple’s latest smartphone model, the iPhone 12, has been successfully assembled in a plant in Tamil Nadu, which will prove to be a big boost to the Make in India project.

Propelled by a 50% share of IDM sales and 64% share of fabless sales, U.S. companies captured 55% of the total worldwide IC market in 2020.

TT Electronics is consolidating its North American Sensors and Specialist Components operations and moving into a new purpose-built facility in Plano, TX.

Conecsus announced its Mexican subsidiary is partnering with Amerway to provide a cradle to grave solution for electronics manufacturers in Mexico.

Omega EMS has selected Aegis’ FactoryLogix platform.

Whizz Systems appointed Humza Babar marketing associate.

Where Does Plug-and-Play Fit into Industry 4.0?
“Plug-and-play” seems a simple, efficient concept, a beautiful merger of elegant design and high technology. What happened to it? I forget exactly when I first heard the term plug-and-play, but it was sometime back in the late 1980s. As I recall, consumer electronics had something to do with it – perhaps a VCR player that connected to a TV.

Peter Bigelow



Application of Nonlinear Regression for Determining PCB Finish Thicknesses

An Investigation on Function of Current Type on Solder Joint Degradation in Electronic Packages
Soldering & Surface Mount Technology

Highly Stretchable Multilayer Electronic Circuits Using Biphasic Gallium-Indium
Nature Materials


Apr. 21-23: Nepcon China, Shanghai, China
May 19: How to Save Up to 25% On Your PCB Purchases, Online
May 20: Getting the Best from Your X-Ray Inspection System, Online
June 15-17: PCB East 2021, Marlborough, MA
Aug. 16-18: DesignCon, San Jose, CA
Oct. 5-8: PCB West 2021, Santa Clara, CA
Nov. 1-4: SMTA International 2021, Minneapolis, MN


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           4/19/21 Trend
Sn $13.03 Down
Pb $0.89 Flat
Ag $372.30 Up
Cu $4.13 Up
             Feb. Trend
Semi equip. billings 32% Up
ICs 14.7% Up
PCBs 1.29 Up
Computers/elec. products 5.10 Up

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