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March 29th, 2020
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Drop tests aren’t limited to cellphones: monitors, laptops, servers and other electronic components can all benefit from impact testing.

The US EPA is exploring exemptions to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Fees Rule, says IPC.

Bill Hargin will host a webinar on PCB laminate characterization on Apr. 1.

ESD Alliance spokesman Wally Rhines gives an update on the EDA market and thoughts on whether Covid-19 will move the needle toward cloud-based PCB applications on the latest edition of PCB Chat.

How is the PCB industry responding to Covid-19? An update from the editors of PCD&F/CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY.

Looking for training on SMT assembly, or are you an engineer who needs to learn PCB design? Check out the upcoming PCB2Day workshops in Austin, TX, in June.

The future of manufacturing is codevelopment, or continuously shared design and manufacturing data.

IPC president John Mitchell talks about the state of the industry, coronavirus, and the future of the electronic assembly industry on the Reliability Matters podcast.

Screen Printing Hacks: Cleaning Small PCBs
In the previous installment of screen printing hacks, we discussed some proven workarounds for alignment issues. This month – and based on some recent customer observations – the advice centers on understencil cleaning, how lack of control can adversely impact this sub-process of printing and the overall result, and a few suggestions for correcting the problems.

Clive Ashmore



Ten industry associations, representing hundreds of semiconductor and semiconductor supply chain companies, issued a statement calling on nations to prioritize semiconductor operations as they craft public health measures to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Worldwide server market revenue increased 5.1% year-over-year in the fourth quarter and shipments grew 11.7%, according to Gartner.

Some 100 IC wafer fabs have closed or been repurposed since 2009, with ≤200mm wafer fabs hardest hit, and 70% of the closures in Japan and North America.

Note’s EMS plant in Windsor, UK, has temporarily suspended production, in line with UK authorities’ decision to limit all non-essential travel and work.

Dyconex said its fabrication plant looks well supplied with basic and raw materials, as well as relief supplies.

Microsoft will divest its stake in Israeli facial recognition startup AnyVision and is updating its policies so it no longer would make minority investments in companies that sell the controversial technology.

Lenovo will resume about 60% of production at its Wuhan, China, plant by the end of March, with the facility set to return to full production by mid April.

Pegatron’s CEO expects the ODM’s revenues to grow in the first half of 2020.

Manufacturers with plants in Kunshan, China, have restarted production, but face rising operating costs in the second quarter and are struggling finding workers, according to industry sources.

Royal Flex Circuits is working around the clock to build PCBs for ventilators.

Recent Advances in PCB Manufacturing Equipment
The methods and equipment used to fabricate PCBs are becoming increasingly advanced and centralized. For example, computers, lasers, and AI are ever more common in all areas of PCB processing.

Akber Roy



From the pages of
PCEA Names Chairman, Sets Goals
In my debut as author of this column, I provide updates on the direction and leadership of the PCEA, and Stephen Chavez shares his first “message from the chairman.”
by Kelly Dack

From the pages of
Functional Test Payback ‘On the Fly’
The merits of using flying probe for functional test and FAI.
by David Levine


June 9-10: PCB2Day: SMT Assembly Boot Camp, Austin, TX
June 11-12: PCB2Day: Design Essentials for PCB Engineers, Austin, TX
June 17-19: Nepcon China, Shanghai, China
June 22-24: CPCA Show, Shanghai, China
July 3-5: Productronica China 2020, Shanghai, China
July 21-23: Semicon West, San Francisco, CA
Sept. 8-11: PCB West 2020, Santa Clara, CA
Sept. 27-Oct. 1: SMTA International 2020, Rosemont, IL


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           3/23/20 Trend
Sn $6.52 Down
Pb $0.78 Down
Ag $181.63 Down
Cu $2.25 Down
             Jan. Trend
Semi equip. billings 22.9% Up
ICs -0.3% Up
PCBs 1.05 Down
Computers/elec. products 5.43 Down

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