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July 16th, 2018
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AVX debuts SpiCAT simulation software.

LPKF launches PCBPrototypingMachines.com.

CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY opened registration for the 2019 Service Excellence Awards, now in its 27th year.

REGISTER TODAY for PCB West, Silicon Valley’s largest conference and exhibition for PCB design, fabrication and assembly.

YXLON has invested in four additional climate chambers in Hamburg, Germany for CT metrology applications.

Engineering Multi-GHz Systems is Driving Design to Deeper Levels
Making the impossible possible with advanced technology is a frequently recurring theme in advertising today. It seems the wider world has finally “got” science.

Martin Cotton



CHINA leads in manufacturing with over $2 trillion in output, according to a new report.

SIEMENS PLM SOFTWARE and Synopsys have agreed to collaborate on a range of EDA product interoperability projects.

POWER DESIGN SERVICES and Green Circuits are merging.

FIRAN TECHNOLOGY GROUP’S circuit segment sales were down 2.3% in the second quarter, while net earnings were up 7.7%.

MYCRONIC posted second quarter net sales down 3% to $99 million.

ELMATICA reported 2017 revenue up 26%.

CONNECT GROUP has chosen Aegis’ FactoryLogix digital MES software across four manufacturing sites in Europe.

WORLDWIDE SHIPMENTS of PCs, tablets and mobile phones are on pace to record 0.9% growth to reach 2.28 billion units in 2018.

ACTIA ELECTRONICS plans to open a production and R&D facility in Romulus, MI.

UP MEDIA GROUP will hold a workshop on controlling noise in PCBs featuring Rick Hartley in Chicago in October.

VISION ENGINEERING is celebrating 60 years.

CIREXX obtained a MIL-PRF-31032 certification upgrade.

EPEC ENGINEERED TECHNOLOGIES is partnering with the Wounded Warrior Project.

GROUPE SYSELEC is the first Europlacer customer in Europe to install an atom3 placement machine.

MACDERMID ENTHONE will present at the Advances in Thermal Management Conference.

Maximizing High-Speed Performance in Flex Boards
Can flex circuit boards run 10+Gb/s signals? Answer: Multiple factors must be juggled to successfully run signals that are 1Gb/s and above on flexible circuitry.

Mark Finstad



From the pages of
Metallization For Plastic Surfaces
During the 1980s, high-density flexible circuit manufacturers ran around the barn a few times trying to decide the best way to produce a reliable bond strength between polyimide sheets and copper foils when producing thin copper laminates for high density flexible circuits.
by Dominique Numakura

From the pages of
Revised Automotive Quality Standard Drives Lean Processes, Systems Linkage and Teamwork
EMS companies are moving beyond QS9000 and ISO/TS16949.
by Christine Foley


July 20: IPC Designers Council Silicon Valley Chapter Meeting, San Jose, CA
July 23-25: SMT - BGA - BTC Design & Manufacturing, Hillsboro, OR
Sept. 5-7: Semicon Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan
Sept. 11-13: PCB West, Santa Clara, CA
Sept. 12-13: Southern California Design-2-Part Show, Long Beach, CA
Sept. 25: EMC UK 2018 Training Conference, Birmingham, UK
Oct. 10-11: Southeast Design-2-Part Show, Raleigh, NC
Oct. 25-26: PCB2Day - Control of Noise, EMI and Signal Integrity in High Speed Circuits and PCBs, Chicago, IL
Dec. 13-15: Semicon Japan, Tokyo, Japan


Email industry press releases or links to the editors of CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY or PCD&F: pr@upmediagroup.com.

           7/16/18 TREND
Sn $8.90 Down
Pb $1.01 Down
Ag $233.10 Down
Cu $2.79 Down
             May TREND
Semi equip. billings 19.2% Down
ICs 21% Up
PCBs 1.09 Up
Computers 5.43 Up

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