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January 18th, 2018
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CHRYS SHEA and coauthor Ray Lawrence have won the SMTA International 2017 Rich Freiberger Best of Conference Award, SMTA announced.

UP MEDIA GROUP will hold workshops on controlling noise in PCBs featuring Rick Hartley in Florida and San Diego this winter.

ALPHA introduces OM-550 low-temperature solder paste.

UP MEDIA seeks abstracts for PCB West 2018, to be held Sept. 11 - 13, 2018, in Santa Clara, CA.

The Trump Effect, One Year Later
In February 2017, I published a column called “The Trump Effect and Manufacturing.” I thought it would be timely to revisit it since, with the passing of the tax plan, manufacturing companies face both opportunities and challenges in the coming year.

Sue Mucha



SALES OF PCB AND MCM DESIGN TOOLS rose 13.4% in the third quarter, continuing a solid run that has lasted two years.

THE US CONSUMER TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY will reach a record-breaking $351 billion in retail revenue in 2018, up 3.9%.

APCT Holdings has acquired Cartel Electronics and its affiliate Cirtech for an undisclosed sum.

WALLY RHINES, president of Mentor, discusses the latest EDA market figures on the latest version of PCB Chat.

AS THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT weighs wastewater discharge levels, expansion of PCB manufacturers will no longer be in Dongguan and Kunshan.

SAMSUNG has abandoned plans to put up an assembly plant in Kenya, citing failure by the local government to enact mechanisms that would protect local manufacturers from cheap electronic imports.

COMING OFF A RECORD YEAR, Unitech is expected to see further growth in 2018 on plant expansions and demand for automotive electronics.

A CONSORTIUM OF TAIWANESE ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURERS is teaming with the government to develop a strategic plan for smart manufacturing.

ENTECH will invest $2.8 million to build a new EMS plant and headquarters in South Australia and add up to 60 workers over the next three years.

APPLE is expected to shift a major portion of its MacBook orders to Foxconn in 2018 instead of its old practice of giving most of the orders to Quanta.

JUKI announces Greg Lefebvre as regional sales manager, Americas.

LIBRA INDUSTRIES promotes Daniel McMaster to manager of program management at Dallas facility.

FEMALE LEADERS IN TECH, EVERYWHERE (FLITE) appointed Michelle Ogihara ambassador for the US.

SUNSTONE promoted Nolan Johnson to sales, North America.

SONOSCAN named Josh Petras general manager.

Electronics Manufacturing Files: What We Need
Manufacturing is all about taking data from the designer and delivering good working circuit boards. Well, it can be just data – as in full turnkey – or data plus some parts and or PCBs, as in a partial turnkey or a kitted job.

Duane Benson



From the pages of  PRINTED CIRCUIT DESIGN & FAB:
Semicon Japan 2017: Goodbye, Volume
Semicon Japan 2017 was held at Tokyo Big Sight on Wed. Dec. 13.
by Dominique Numakura

From the pages of  CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY:
The Diversity of High-End Systems
Technology and market drivers for computing, networking and storage.
by Dale Becker


Jan. 23-24: PCB2Day featuring Rick Hartley Melbourne, FL
Feb. 12-15: 2018Flex, Monterey, CA
Feb. 22-23: PCB2Day featuring Rick Hartley, San Diego, CA
Feb. 27-Mar. 1: IPC Apex Expo, San Diego, CA
Apr. 23-25: Zuken Innovation World 2018, San Diego, CA
Sept. 11-13: PCB West 2018, Santa Clara, CA




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           1/15/18 TREND
Sn $9.13 Up
Pb $1.17 Up
Ag $247.96 Down
Cu $3.21 Down
             Nov. TREND
Semi equip. billings 27.2% Up
ICs 21.5% Down
PCBs 1.09 Down
Computers 5.48 Down

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