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June 21st, 2018
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DOUG SMITH will hold a free webinar on pulse injection for PCB troubleshooting on Jun. 22 at 9:30 PST.

PCB WEST 2018, the annual PCB industry trade show and conference, will feature more than 15 free technical sessions.

AT&S supports the current introduction of the 5G-generation mobile communications with RF optimized connectivity solutions and will offer appropriate solutions for development of the new standard.

WITH THE ELECTRONICS COMPONENT SHORTAGE, here are six tips for not getting stuck.

UP MEDIA GROUP will hold a workshop on controlling noise in PCBs featuring Rick Hartley in Chicago in October.

10 Considerations for the Jump from Job Shop to Full-Service EMS Provider
One of the difficult challenges small electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies face is the transition from a transaction-based job shop to a relationship-based, full-service EMS provider.

Susan Mucha



COULD DONALD TRUMP’S TARIFFS be the start of a new world electronics order for China?

THE OSAKA EARTHQUAKE forced a number of well-known electronics manufacturers to suspend production.

ORDERS FOR PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS from Germany-region manufacturers increased 25% year-over-year in April, ZVEI said.

VENTEC will invest $300,000 in its laminates facility in Kirchheimbolanden, Germany.

FOXCONN will voluntarily adopt a zero-liquid-discharge water recycling system at its future manufacturing and research campus outside Milwaukee, WI.

NEW KINPO GROUP is considering an initial public offering in the Philippines to generate funds for new investments in manufacturing and local marketing of its branded products.

PLATFORM SPECIALTY CHEMICALS is edging closer to being a standalone PCB materials company.

SINGAPORE'S electronics exports declined in May.

LIBRA INDUSTRIES promoted Charles Swanson to senior test/manufacturing/quality engineer.

KYZEN promoted Lina Ong to marketing specialist, Southeast Asia.

Getting Centered
Printing offsets – the degree to which a material deposit is off center from the pad – can occur due to three primary elements of printing: the printed circuit board (substrate), the stencil and the printer.

Clive Ashmore



From the pages of
How Rigid-Flex PCB Design Configurations are Advancing
Odd-layer-count boards are not only manufacturable, but at times preferable.
by Paul Tome

From the pages of
The Increasingly Critical Role of Factory Software Tools
Growing complex tasks such as distributing jobs, grouping, and optimizing feeders are best handled using automated software.
by George Babka



July 10-12: Semicon West, San Francisco, CA
July 23-25: SMT - BGA - BTC Design & Manufacturing, Hillsboro, OR
Sept. 5-7: Semicon Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan
Sept. 11-13: PCB West, Santa Clara, CA
Sept. 12-13: Southern California Design-2-Part Show, Long Beach, CA
Sept. 25: EMC UK 2018 Training Conference, Birmingham, UK
Oct. 10-11: Southeast Design-2-Part Show, Raleigh, NC
Oct. 25-26: PCB2Day - Control of Noise, EMI and Signal Integrity in High Speed Circuits and PCBs, Chicago, IL
Dec. 13-15: Semicon Japan, Tokyo, Japan


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           6/18/18 TREND
Sn $9.56 Up
Pb $1.12 Down
Ag $246.89 Up
Cu $3.22 Down
             Apr. TREND
Semi equip. billings 26% Up
ICs 20.2% Flat
PCBs 1.08 Down
Computers 5.40 Down

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